Ed Bing Lee is a Philadelphia based fiber artist. He creates these art pieces using basic macrame knots.

About the knotting process, Lee writes:

In three dimensional or sculptural work, the knotting process is most forgiving and the work can progress in many directions simultaneously. The distinction of warp and filling is interchangeable. Shaping is possible in a variety of ways: by adding or dropping ends, by using different tensions, by using different knots or by using a different material.”

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Queen Mary (Duchess of York) with children: Prince Edward, Prince Albert and Princess Mary.

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ca. 1880, [carte de viste portrait of Zumigo, side show performer, in fancy dress], Chas. Eisenmann

via Yale University’s Collection of American Literature, Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library, Randolph Linsly Simpson African-American collection

I had strep throat for the first time ever last week.  I couldn’t do anything except rest.  I got a pretty bad mouth infection too.  I wasn’t able to eat solid foods or brush my teeth all week without them bleeding terribly.  I went to the doctors and got antibiotics.  I feel great now and am almost back to my old self.  Just a few more days left and I’ll be completely done with them.

I wish I could have looked at jobs last week.  I’m back in my almost completely unemployed period and it sucks.  If I don’t get hired in the next week or two, I’m going to be in trouble.  

At least Spring is here and it’s beautiful.  Dating someone wonderful helps too…


Beautiful Yet Horrifying Aerial Photos of the BP Oil Spill Photographed by Daniel Beltrá

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Francis Montesinos Spring/Summer 2014

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"I don’t take kindly to being pushed around!"

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